New World Order (Paperback)

Every Country on Earth. Sorted.

Dixe Wills

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Left-field geographer and anti-travel author Dixe Wills presents a uniquely new look at each of the 198 countries of the world. With a handy grading system to reveal who are the globe’s real top nations and which ones are letting the side down on a monumental scale, Dixe Wills goes in search of, and definitively reveals, the best country in the World.

Dixe Wills is the author of Places to Hide in England, Scotland and Wales and The Z to Z of Great Britain, both of which remain the benchmarks of their respective genres. A former human rights reporter in Guatemala, he now lives in the relative safety of Bethnal Green.

“‘Too many people believe that one country is as good as another, but only the Czechs have a national anthem about the awfulness of going out for the evening and then forgetting where you live’, comments Wills. In addition to his patented scoring system and world map nation locator, ‘paint-by-numbers flags are the aesthetic coup de grace’. Financial Times ‘Exquisitely dotty, yet irresistibly charming. A project so pointless as to be vital to our national well-being.’ Stephen Fry ‘A jocular guide… Dixe Wills has boldly gone to these backs of beyond to prove that we don’t need to’ Sunday Telegraph”

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