One Stop, One Life (Hardback)

From market stall to 1000 shops in 25 years

Kevin Threlfall

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In the 1970s Kevin Threlfall built up the chain of Lo-Cost discount stores from a single grocery stall on Cannock market.

Having sold out to RCA of America he then went on to build an empire of 1,215 shops in just 25 years from a single cigarette kiosk on Wolverhampton market.

Trading as Supercigs, Dillons, Preedy, One-Stop and Day & Nite, T&S Stores plc became the largest specialised convenience store group in Britain, eventually selling out to Tesco in 2002 for £530 million.

But it was not all plain sailing, as among other challenges he survived having his appendix removed without anaesthetic. Then on 23 April 2014, before completing this book, he dropped down dead for 40 minutes on the golf course and was saved only by the actions of his quick-thinking golf partners.

This is the remarkable story of his life, in which passion, hard work, good timing and luck all played a part in bringing together a fascinating tale that is a real page-turner of a book.

Kevin Threlfall was born in 1948 and educated at Denstone College near Uttoxeter. He has spent his whole working life in retail, beginning as a stallholder on Cannock market before moving into convenience stores, eventually amassing over 1,000 shops in total and selling his business to Tesco. Along the way he was a Director of Lo-Cost Discount Stores and Chairman and founder of T&S Stores plc. He is currently Chairman of ABC Leisure Group, a governor of Denstone College and President of Fordhouses Cricket Club. His hobbies include playing golf and watching Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club, and he enjoys travelling and watching most sports. He is married to Gill and together they have two children, Nicholas and Jade, and four grandchildren.


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ISBN: 9781848318588

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Publication date: 27/11/2014

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