Pint to Pint (eBook)

A Crawl Around Britain’s Best Pubs

The Telegraph

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For the dedicated pub-goer and the armchair drinker, here is an enticing selection of ‘proper’ pubs to gladden the heart and slake the thirst. 

All of these pubs get the basics right: they focus on the beer (though the food and wine may also be excellent) and on conversation rather than piped music. They may have a roaring fire in winter and a pleasant beer garden in summer. You can probably bring your dog. Above all, they have a notable character that raises them above the bland corporate pubs that blight the land.
It can be hard to say exactly why – but you just know a good pub the moment you enter. 

Trusted Telegraph reviewers have made their selection for you, based on highly personal but well-informed criteria, resulting in a nationwide pub crawl like no other.
This is the perfect book for anyone who considers a good pub to be a British birthright.

The Telegraph's Pint to Pint column is written by a selection of Telegraph journalists and pub aficionados from throughout the country.


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Publication date: 07/04/2016


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