Rewilding – The Illustrated Edition (Hardback)

The Radical New Science of Ecological Recovery

Cain Blythe

Paul Jepson

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'A dazzling illustrated edition of a 'hugely useful and fascinating resumé of rewilding' Isabella Tree, author of Wilding

'Compelling … succinct and objective' Financial Times

Rewilding reveals the ways in which ecologists are restoring the lost interactions between animals, plants, and natural disturbances that are the essence of thriving ecosystems. It looks into a past in which industrialization and globalization have downgraded our grasslands; at present projects restoring plants and animals to their natural, untamed state; and into the future, with ten predictions for a rewilded planet.

This illustrated edition combines beautiful natural history images with infographic flow-charts depicting the 'trophic cascades' of biodiverse ecosystems, to explore a brave new world repopulated with wild horses and cattle, beavers, rhinos, and wolves.

'A masterly job, explaining the science behind rewilding in an accessible, honest and compelling way. It deserves to be widely read and become a book of great influence.' Isabella Tree, author of Wilding.

Paul Jepson was until recently a director of Oxford University's MSc course in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management, and is a regular contributor to TV and radio.

Cain Blythe specialises in habitat restoration, nature recovery and the use of technology in conservation.


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ISBN: 9781785787539

Price: 19.99 GBP

Pages: 224

Publication date: 04/11/2021


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