Sciku (Paperback)

The Wonder of Science – in Haiku!

Students of The Camden School for Girls

Simon Flynn Simon Flynn

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An attractive force
Between all objects with mass
Just like you and me

Science is a thing of magic and wonder. It reveals complex patterns – and often thrilling chaos – at the heart of nature; the strange alchemy of reactions between invisible atoms; the bewildering origins of our universe; and the connections in our brains that create love, fear, joy – and poetry. Sciku brings together more than 400 revealing, poignant, witty haiku on scientific subjects. Written by students at The Camden School for Girls, these poems reflect on topics as varied as Newton’s laws, climate change, time travel and evolution. They are also elegiac, enigmatic and often extremely beautiful.

Dissolving confusion
To some, solutions
Are answers; to chemists they
Are still all mixed up.

Camden School for Girls is a comprehensive secondary school for girls, with a co-educational sixth form, in the London Borough of Camden in North London. The girls who contributed to this book range from the ages of 11 to 18.

Simon Flynn is the author of the Science Magpie ('a cornucopia of curious facts, anecdotes and quotations … sure to entertain and surprise' New Scientist) and is a teacher of science at Camden School for Girls.

[T]his collection of haiku on science subjects by the students of Camden School for Girls proved surprisingly enjoyable and thought provoking.

There were distinct differences between different subjects – and there was a huge range of styles and content.

Brian CleggPopular Science


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