Stand In Your Power (Paperback)

Rachael Smith

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'I love [Rachael's] comics – human, humane, funny and always surprising.'
Chris Addison, comedian and director of Veep

After going through a breakup and attempting to get on with her new, single life, award-winning comic-creator and author of Quarantine Comix, Rachael Smith, found solace in documenting her experiences through comic strips.

Stand in Your Power, which follows on from where Wired Up Wrong left off, takes on the universal yet highly personal topics of loneliness, friendship, depression, love, figuring out who you are and moving on, among many others.

Always extremely relatable, this collection, which was previously shortlisted for the Comedy Women in Print award, has Rachael's trademark warmth, honesty and humour.

Rachael Smith is a UK-based comics creator, whose books include Quarantine Comix, Wired Up Wrong, Stand in Your Power, Glass Half Empty and The Rabbit, which was nominated for Best Book in the 2015 British Comic Awards, following her nomination for Emerging Talent.

You're never more alone than after a break up. Rachael, wittily describing her personal hell, will make you feel less so.Kieron Gillen, author and creator of The Wicked + The Divine
I love Rachael's comics – human, humane, funny and always surprising.Chris Addison, comedian and director of Veep
It is easy to find a kindred spirit in Rachael Smith, remembering the time when love and life shattered you and you had to build yourself anew. Stand in Your Power is personal, but the honesty there reaches out for connection to the reader, and finds it with humour and grace. Smith is a memoirist to watch.Kate Beaton, author of Hark! A Vagrant
This book is a fountain of hard-won wisdom about the toughest parts of life that nonetheless makes you laugh out loud every other page. Rachael Smith is a genius and will one day be seen as one of the greats.Paul Cornell, author of London Falling and the Witches of Lynchford series
A beautiful, hopeful tale of love, loss and rebirth that doesn't shy away from the darkness, but never wallows in it, with lots of laughter and genuinely helpful lessons to take away. It's no exaggeration to say that this gorgeous book will probably save a life or two. It certainly enriched mine. Take this book home and cuddle it immediately.James Moran, screenwriter, Severance
Stand In Your Power is everything I want a comic to be — cute, funny, and brutally honest about the trial of being a person … Rachael Smith makes some of the best journal comics out there. Lucky you, about to read them! From heartbreak to therapy to the baffling horniness of being newly single, Stand In Your Power delivers.Kate Leth


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ISBN: 9781785788550

Price: 12.99 GBP

Pages: 144

Publication date: 03/11/2022


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