Ten Days in Physics that Shook the World (Hardback)

How Physicists Transformed Everyday Life

Brian Clegg

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'[A]n engaging exploration, ending with interesting speculation on the nature of a future 11th day.'
Peet Morris, Times Higher Education

Developments in physics and physics-based engineering have led to some of the biggest transformations in the way we live out lives. Here, we journey back to ten separate days in history for a closer look at the breakthroughs that have shaped the modern world.

From Isaac Newton's law of motion, to Michael Faraday's electrical field theory, as well as Maxwell's equations that make TV, radio and cellphones possible.

Comprising perfectly pitched science writing enlivened with a wealth of fascinating biographical detail, this eye-opening book is a celebration of power of physicists to bring about far-reaching, life-transforming change.

Brian Clegg's many books include Dice World and A Brief History of Infinity, both long-listed for the Royal Society Science Book Prize, and, most recently, What Do You Think You Are?, described by BBC Science Focus as 'a must-read'.

'Those in search of a well-written account of the world of science should look no further … Ten Days in Physics That Shook the World succeeds where much of science writing fails, by creating a clear path between pivotal moments in scientific history and the world as we know it today.'


'[I]nformative and accessible … a really good potential entry point for younger readers looking to have a big picture view on what physics is.'

Irish Tech News

'[N]icely written and highly illuminating … an engaging read not just for engineers and scientists, but for a broad "general" audience.'

Engineering & Technology

'Clegg is a skilled wordsmith and this is a light, easy read, filled with intriguing details'Peet Morrispopularscience.co.uk
[A]n engaging exploration, ending with interesting speculation on the nature of a future 11th day.Peet MorrisTimes Higher Education
[A] solid primer … Those new to the field will find this a fine overview of touchstone moments.Publishers Weekly
Appealing accounts of scientific breakthroughs by the veteran popularizer [Brian Clegg] … A painless education on great milestones in physics.Kirkus
[A] good addition to popular science collections.Booklist


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ISBN: 9781785787478

Price: 12.99 GBP

Pages: 240

Publication date: 05/08/2021


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