The 50 Greatest National Parks of the World (Paperback)

Aaron Millar

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Olympus, the Grand
Canyon, Uluru and the Serengeti: national parks are home to the wonders of our
natural world.

Award-winning travel writer Aaron Millar explores the greatest national parks
of the world, giving insider tips on how best to discover their secrets. 

From the home of the
highest waterfall in the world in Canaima, Venezuela to the beautiful fjords of
Hardangervidda, Norway, to searching for the giant panda in Jiuzhaigou, China
and exploring the culture in Cinque Terre, Italy, this guide tells of the
history, legends and cultures of each great national park, and tells you how to
see them at their awe-inspiring best.


Aaron Millar is an award-winning travel writer. He contributes regularly to The Times, the Guardian, National Geographic Traveller and many other national and international publications. He has presented travel documentaries for National Geographic and is the 2014 British Guild of Travel Writers Travel Writer of the Year.


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ISBN: 9781785783395

Price: 8.99 GBP

Pages: 304

Publication date: 05/04/2018


Series: The 50 Greatest

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