The Alien Perspective (Hardback)

A New View of the Cosmos and Our Future

David Whitehouse

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A journey through the evolving cosmos, considering how human survival will depend on otherworldly perspectives.

In David Whitehouse’s most ambitious book to date he explores how human evolution has been intertwined with the workings of the cosmos from the very beginning, and what the far-distant future may hold, both for the universe and for ourselves.

Given enough time, Whitehouse contends, we must communicate with intelligent aliens whose divergent perspective will transform our understanding of the universe. First contact may even come sooner than we think. We have already transmitted signals towards promising exoplanets. If, say, Gliese 581d harbours life, the return signal could reach us in 2051.

Drawing the thread of human consciousness from the cave to the cosmos, the acclaimed author of Apollo 11: The Inside Story charts our future journey to the end of space and time, and considers whether something of humanity could remain at the end of it all.

David Whitehouse is a former BBC science correspondent and science editor, and the author of several books, including most recently Apollo 11: The Inside Story and Space 2069. He has written for publications including New Scientist, Focus and The Times.


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ISBN: 9781785787492

Price: 16.99 GBP 16.99 GBP

Pages: 288

Publication date: 03/03/2022

Category: Popular Science

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