The Armchair Naturalist (Paperback)

How to be Good at Nature without Really Trying

Johnson P. Johnson

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If only everything in the countryside came with helpful name tags and instructions attached, knowing stuff about nature would be child’s play.

Until that day, "The Armchair Naturalist" is at hand to guide even the most urban of settlers in the ways of Britain’s flora and fauna.

Teeming with illustrations, The Armchair Naturalist will transform you overnight into an expert on anything Mother Nature may throw at you, from funny animals to fir trees, cows to cowslips, blue tits to bluebells, toads to toadstools, and much more besides.Astonish your friends as you plunge your hands into nettles without being stung.

Be secretly amazed at your newfound talent for predicting the weather, befriending seabirds, and knocking up a nourishing breakfast from even the most unpromising undergrowth.

Johnson P. Johnson has become legendary among naturalists for his keen eye, feel for plant life, and Dolittlesque affinity with animals. With The Armchair Naturalist he at last shares the wisdom acquired through a lifetime’s research into Britain’s flora and fauna with a wider audience.

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ISBN: 9781840468823

Price: 7.99 GBP 16.00 CAD

Pages: 240

Publication date: 05/06/2008

Category: Popular Science

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