The Chilling Stars (Paperback)

A New Theory of Climate

Henrik Svensmark

Nigel Calder

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Scientists agree that the earth has become hotter over the last century. But on the causes, despite what looks to the public mind like a consensus, there are dissenting voices. Based on Henrik Svensmark’s research at the Danish National Space Center, this book outlines a brilliant and daring new theory that has already provoked fresh thinking on global warming. As prize-winning science writer Nigel Calder and Svensmark himself explain, an interplay of the sun and cosmic rays – sub-atomic particles from exploded stars – seem to have more effect on the climate than man-made carbon dioxide. For anyone interested in the real science behind our climate, this book is a must-read.

Henrik Svensmark leads the Center for Sun-Climate Research at the Danish National Space Center.Nigel Calder is a former editor of the New Scientist, and an award-winning science writer. His Magic Universe (OUP, 2003) was shortlisted for the Aventis Prize in 2004.

‘The new totem of the climate-change sceptics’ The Times’If you are concerned by the doomsday scenarios regarding runaway climate change, then this alternative view of why the climate is warming will be of great interest.’ Good Book Guide

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