The Classics Magpie (eBook)

From chariot-racing hooligans to debauched dinner parties - a miscellany that shakes the dust off the ancient world

Jane Hood

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Who first thought of atoms? How much can you learn about archaeology from an oil lamp? Who came up with the theory of the ‘wandering womb’?

Oxford Classicist Jane Hood delves into the history, culture, literature, mythology and philosophy of ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt, using her expert eye to unearth unexpected gems, glittering fragments and quotable nuggets from a lost world.

From ancient cosmetics to the earliest known computer, from the deciphering of ancient languages to the amazing things the Romans did with concrete, this is the essential miscellany for all curious minds, whether you learned the Classics at school or not.

Jane Hood has been a lecturer in Classical Languages and Literature, and in Philosophy, ending up as a Fellow in Ancient Philosophy at the University of Oxford specialising in Aristotle and Ancient Medicine. She has held Research Fellowships in Philosophy in Paris and in Ancient Medicine with the Wellcome Institute in London. She is also a qualified teacher who has taught people from the age of 4 to 72. She likes nothing more than a few peaceful moments by the sea on the Gower in South Wales.


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ISBN: 9781848317314

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Publication date: 02/10/2014


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