The History of Britain Revealed (Paperback)

The Shocking Truth About the English Language

M. J. Harper

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This is a truly original blistering attack on the standard history of Britain and the origins of the English language. Think you know where the English language came from? Think again. In gloriously corrosive prose, M.J. Harper destroys the cherished national myths of the English, the Scots, the Welsh, the Irish and – to demonstrate his lack of national bias – the French. He shows that: most of the entries in the Oxford English Dictionary are wrong; the whole of British place-name theory is misconceived; Latin is not what it seems; the Anglo-Saxons played no major part in our history or language; and middle English is a wholly imaginary language created by well-meaning but deluded academics. Iconoclastic, unsentimental and truly original, “The History of Britain Revealed” will change the way you think about the history of the United Kingdom, the origin of the English language – and much else besides. It is an essential but rarely comforting read for anyone who believes that history matters.

M.J. Harper is an author, revisionist historian and self-proclaimed proud contrarian who lives in Notting Hill, London.

“‘Witty, provocative, persuasive and original. This book brings a blast of fresh air to British history and liberates the English from a confused creation myth. It made scales fall from my eyes.’ Dr Rupert Sheldrake ‘Mind-blowing, incredibly entertaining stuff’ Daily Mail ‘Unusual, funny and provocative, Harper wears his learning lightly but has a serious point to make… fascinating’ New Statesman ‘The best re-writing of history since 1066 And All That’ Fortean Times ‘The most outrageous book I have ever read’ The Oldie”

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