The Nature Magpie (Paperback)

A Cornucopia of Facts, Anecdotes, Folklore and Literature from the Natural World

Daniel Allen

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A collection of anecdotes, facts, figures, folklore and literature, The Nature Magpie is a veritable treasure trove of humanity’s thoughts and feelings about nature. With acclaimed nature writer Daniel Allen as your guide, join naturalists, novelists and poets as they explore the most isolated parts of the planet, choose your side – pineapple or durian – in the great ‘king of fruits’ debate and discover which plants can be used to predict the weather. Meet the roadkill connoisseurs, learn to dance the Hippopotamus Polka, find out the likelihood of sharing your name with a hurricane – and much more.

Dr Daniel Allen is a British author making a name for himself in the world of animal/nature writing. His first book, Otter, was published in Reaktion Books’ Animal series in September 2010. Virginia McKenna OBE described the book as ‘the most brilliant mix of facts ancient and modern about the otter species’. A second title, Squirrel, will be published as part of the series in 2013. Daniel is also a columnist for Small Furry Pets and Practical Reptile Keeping magazines.

‘With innumerable gems and nuggets to spur your natural curiosity, The Nature Magpie is a repository of zoological treasures.’Chris Packham
‘Not so much trivia titbits as intellectual petits fours … a daily dip will be sure to prompt discussion, wonder and compulsive retelling.’BBC Wildlife Magazine
‘This delightful little hardback is difficult to resist. For anyone interested in the natural world there are myriad facts and figures that will fascinate and surprise.’Alexandra HentonThe Field
‘A miscellany that keeps you turning the pages.’Desmond Morris, author of The Naked Ape
‘Allen’s book promises a cornucopia of facts … It delivers just that, providing a bran tub full of informational morsels.’Fortean Times
‘The Nature Magpie is seductively readable, a delightful and constantly surprising compendium of facts about nature’Bill Adams, author of Against Extinction: The Story of Conservation
‘A delightful lucky dip of fascinating facts.’Kate Long
‘This delightfully zany volume presents an eclectic selection of facts and fiction gleaned from Nature … all lightly peppered by Allen’s dry wit.’Good Book Guide

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