The Newlyweds (eBook)

Young People Fighting for Love in the New India

Mansi Choksi

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'Essential reading for anyone seeking to understand youth in India today – or for anyone who believes in the galactic powers of love to change history, personal and political'
Suketu Mehta, author of Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found

What would you risk for love?

Twenty-first century India is a culture on fast forward, a society which is changing at breakneck speed, where two out of every three people are under the age of thirty-five. These young men and women grew up with the internet, smartphones and social media. But when it comes to love, the weight of thousands of years of tradition cannot so easily be set aside.

An extraordinary work of reportage, The Newlyweds is a portrait of modern India told through the stories of three young couples, who defy their families to pursue love. The lesbian couple forced to flee for a chance at a life together. The Hindu woman and Muslim man who must escape under the cover of night after being harassed by a violent mob. And the couple from different castes who know the terrible risk they run by marrying.

Written with great insight and humanity, Mansi Choksi examines the true cost of modern love in an ancient culture. It is a book that will change the way readers think about love, freedom and hope.

Mansi Choksi is a writer based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Mumbai, India. The Newlyweds is her first book.

If you believe in great love stories, read Mansi Choksi's The Newlyweds. In this exemplary work of narrative non-fiction, Choksi follows three Indian couples for six years to bring us the most nuanced, lyrical, and moving book about love and marriage in modern India yet written. Essential reading for anyone seeking to understand youth in India today – or for anyone who believes in the galactic powers of love to change history, personal and politicalSuketu Mehta, author of MAXIMUM CITY: BOMBAY LOST AND FOUND
This is a startlingly good book. The meticulously reported stories of three couples – and the social forces that stand in their way – are intimate, revelatory and as gripping as a novel. I couldn't put it downSamira Shackle, author of KARACHI VICE: LIFE AND DEATH IN A CONTESTED CITY
Mansi Choksi's rigorously reported, beautifully written debut signals the arrival of a major new voice in non-fictionSonia Faleiro, author of THE GOOD GIRLS
A profound book on the politics of love, of couples who brave everything and everyone to be together. Told with warmth, truth and humanity, Mansi Choksi's The Newlyweds is an extraordinary look at what it takes to be together in modern IndiaNikesh Shukla, author of BROWN BABY
Choksi's narrative structure braids the three couple strands cleverly so that, as the stakes keep rising, the tension escalates through cinematic jumps and cuts. Her scenes are alive with singular details, vivid language and crisp dialogue. The net effect is that we become so vested in the lives of these six people – and the collateral damage they leave in their wake – that they linger with us long after readingJenny BhattStar Tribune
A rare insight into modern love in India astonishing and unforgettable … a vibrant observer whose ability lies in capturing the subtleties of life in a way that's nuanced and purposefulDhruti ShahThe New Arab
This is a heart-wrenching and inspiring portrait of love under pressurePublishers Weekly
Truly lyrical… [A] well-reported account of love in modern IndiaKirkus
Love is transformative, even when it fails. That is one of the lessons of The Newlyweds. And just as it is with love, I felt most alive when reading this bookAmitava Kumar, author of A TIME OUTSIDE THIS TIME
Stunning… Mansi Choksi looks at love in modern India with the appealing perspective of both a knowing insider, and a curious, wary outsider. The result is an intimate story of India, and of the perils and pleasures of love, like no otherAlexis Okeowo, and author of A MOONLESS STARLESS SKY
Brave and insightfulSunny Singh, author of HOTEL ARCADIA


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