The Psychic Tourist (Paperback)

A Voyage into the Curious World of Predicting the Future

William Little

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Can someone's life be predicted? Are physicists on the verge of discovering the first time machine? And why does a Nobel prize-winning scientist believe that humans are capable of sensing danger before it happens? Following a prediction of his sister's death, William Little sets out to find the truth about the power of fortune telling and prophecy. On a journey that takes him to a witches' coven in a haunted wood, on the hunt for murderers with psychic detectives and to the doorsteps of the world's most powerful and revered psychics, William Little goes on a quest to find out whether people can see into the future – or if the many millions who consult horoscopes, listen to psychics on TV, or who read Nostradamus are simply being sold a lie.

William Little is a freelance journalist for the Saturday Telegraph magazine, the Daily Mail, Guardian, The Times, and Financial Times. He has also worked for Arena, Esquire and Cosmopolitan, and contributed articles to the Independent, the Daily Express and the Big Issue, among many others.

The characters here are a hoot. There's the cliche-riddled, vague-talking gipsy Betsy Lee; Richard Dawkins, who'd love to find evidence for psychic power; Derren Brown, who admits he's not a mind-reader, just a psychological showman; Nobel laureates who think telepathy rests with quantum physics; war veterans who believe they're still alive thanks to lucky socks and superstitious rituals; the physicist who has dedicated his life to time travel. It's a read so digestible you could dunk it in your morning coffee.London Lite


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ISBN: 9781848311244

Price: 8.99 GBP

Pages: 320

Publication date: 07/01/2010

Category: Psychology

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