The Quantum Age (Hardback)

How the Physics of the Very Small has Transformed Our Lives

Brian Clegg

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The stone age, the iron age, the steam and electrical ages all saw the reach of humankind transformed by new technology. Now we are living in the quantum age, a revolution in everyday life led by our understanding of the very, very small. Quantum physics lies at the heart of every electronic device from smartphones to lasers; quantum superconductors allow levitating trains and MRI scanners, while superfast, ultra-secure quantum computers may soon be a reality. Yet quantum particles such as atoms, electrons and photons remain mysterious, acting totally unlike the objects we experience directly. With his trademark clarity and enthusiasm, acclaimed popular science author Brian Clegg reveals the amazing world of the quantum that lies all around us.

Science writer Brian Clegg studied physics at Cambridge University and specialises in making the strangest aspects of the universe, from infinity to time travel and quantum theory, accessible to the general reader. He is editor of and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. His previous books include Inflight Science, The Universe Inside You, Dice World and Introducing Infinity: A Graphic Guide.

‘If you are looking for an enjoyable read into all things quantum physics and how it is applied to everyday life, look no further.’BBC Focus
Brian Clegg does a superb job of explaining complicated scientific concepts in easily understood language. The Quantum Age is his best book yet, because the concepts he explains are central to our everyday lives in the 21st century, even though most people think they are incomprehensible and abstruse. From how the Sun keeps shining to the quantum computer revolution there is plenty here to enthral and entertain, as well as to inform.John Gribbin
‘What sets this book apart is the way it focuses on the applications of quantum physics – the things that have changed our lives and brought us to what Clegg calls the “quantum age”. Truly fascinating.’Times Higher Education
‘I challenge anyone not to find it spellbinding.’Nick SmithE&T Magazine
‘Clegg’s enthusiasm is catching, his science immaculate.’The Good Book Guide


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Publication date: 05/06/2014

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