The Science of Doctor Who (Paperback)

Paul Parsons

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This is the cutting-edge science behind one of the most popular sci-fi series ever. New "Doctor Who" series starts in April 2007. Written by the editor of the popular BBC "Focus" magazine, it covers everything from how Daleks climb stairs to regenerating like the Time Lord. You can discover: why time travel isn't ruled out by the laws of physics; the real K-9 – the robot assistant for space travellers built by NASA; how Dalek-like designer lifeforms are being bred by genetic engineering; why before long we could all be regenerating like a Time Lord; and the medical truth about the Doctor's two hearts, and the real creature with five.

Paul Parsons is the editor of monthly science and technology magazine BBC Focus, and has contributed popular science articles to publications ranging from the Daily Telegraph to FHM. He holds a DPhil in cosmology and is a lifelong worshipper of Doctor Who.

Unmissable for all fans of Doctor Who… Good science fiction and cutting-edge science go hand in hand. Here's how Who does it.'Stephen Baxter
An entertaining look at the scientific fiction behind Doctor Who – and some of the not-so-fictitious science as well. Who fans old and new will delight in this treasure trove of ideas presented by a writer who is clearly a fan as well as being a scientist.'John Gribbin
Snappy, lively, journalistic, and drenched in Doctor Who'Nature
More effective than a dozen earnest and worthy schemes to promote the public understanding of science.'New Scientist


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ISBN: 9781840467918

Price: 9.99 GBP

Pages: 335

Publication date: 05/04/2007

Category: Popular Culture, Popular Science

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