The Truth That Sticks (Hardback)

New Labour's Breach of Trust

Martin Bell

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This is a timely, heartfelt and tough analysis of Britain's New Labour years from a hugely respected journalist and former politician. It is destined to become the definitive critique of the Blair years. Martin Bell dissects scandals from Bernie Ecclestone to David Blunkett; explores Labour's contempt for democracy, electoral reform and cash-for-peerages; attacks the illegal and utterly disastrous decision to go to war in Iraq, and questions the deployment in Afghanistan – he visited both countries in the course of writing the book. He berates the government for its neglect of the victims of its wars, and the faith-based foreign policy behind their deployment. He describes the politicization of the Foreign Office and asks how an ethical foreign policy can be consistent with the continued use of cluster bombs. Behind much of this lies the descent of New Labour's media management skills into the telling of bald untruths in the face of overwhelming evidence. Wide-ranging and pulling no punches, "The Truth that Sticks" is a crushing analysis of Labour's decade of deception, dishonesty and abuse of power, delivered with precision and great passion. "The Truth that Sticks" is a book that only Martin Bell could have written.

Martin Bell OBE is one of the best-known and most highly regarded names in British television journalism, having covered assignments for the BBC in more than eighty countries and eleven wars including Bosnia, where millions watched as he was nearly killed by shrapnel. In 1997 Martin became the first independent MP to be elected to parliament since 1950. His previous books are In Harm's Way (Penguin, 1995), An Accidental MP (Viking, 2000) and Through the Gates of Fire (Weidenfeld, 2003).

A powerful look at the world's recent history'Kofi Annan
Heartfelt, radical and original – Bell at his best'Guardian
A powerful, riveting analysis of the world in the new century.'Scotsman
A corcuscating account of the dangerous work of a war correspondent, replete with tales of Bell dodging, and in one case not dodging, bullets across the globe in order to bring us nightly news.'Independent


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ISBN: 9781840468229

Price: 16.99 GBP

Pages: 304

Publication date: 06/09/2007

Category: History & Current Affairs

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