The Truth That Sticks (Paperback)

New Labour's Breach of Trust

Martin Bell

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New Labour surged to power eleven years ago on the promise to be ‘whiter than white’, but their record in office and abuse of trust have proved a bitter disappointment for millions who believed this pledge to clean up politics.Martin Bell, a journalist whose career has been made reporting from the world’s unquiet corners, and one-time Independent MP elected on an anti-sleaze platform, asks – what went wrong? Wide-ranging and pulling no punches, “The Truth That Sticks” is a crushing analysis of a decade of deception, dishonesty and abuse of power, delivered with precision and great passion.It is a book that only Martin Bell could have written, and, as Martin’s new postscript shows, it’s a critique just as relevant now with Gordon Brown in charge.

Martin Bell OBE has covered assignments for the BBC in more than 80 countries and eleven wars, including Bosnia, where millions watched as he was nearly killed by shrapnel. In 1997 Martin became the first independent MP to be elected to Parliament since 1950.

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