UPROAR! (Hardback)

Satire, Scandal and Printmakers in Georgian London

Alice Loxton

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**A brilliant new history of Georgian Britain through the eyes of the artists who immortalised it, by one of the UK's most exciting young historians**

'Alice Loxton is the star of her generation … the next big thing in history' DAN SNOW

'Vivid, pacey and endlessly engaging, this brilliant debut brings the late Georgian period dazzlingly to life. Irresistible stuff' TRACY BORMAN

London, 1772: a young artist called Thomas Rowlandson is making his way through the grimy backstreets of the capital, on his way to begin his studies at the Royal Academy Schools. Within a few years, James Gillray and Isaac Cruikshank would join him in Piccadilly, turning satire into an artform, taking on the British establishment, and forever changing the way we view power.

Set against a backdrop of royal madness, political intrigue, the birth of modern celebrity, French revolution, American independence and the Napoleonic Wars, UPROAR! follows the satirists as they lampoon those in power, from the Prince Regent to Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire. Their prints and illustrations deconstruct the political and social landscape with surreal and razor-sharp wit, as the three men vie with each other to create the most iconic images of the day.

Alice Loxton's writing fizzes with energy on every page, and never fails to convince us that Gillray and his gang profoundly altered British humour, setting the stage for everything from Gilbert and Sullivan to Private Eye and Spitting Image today. This is a book that will cause readers to reappraise everything they think they know about genteel Georgian London, and see it for what it was – a time of UPROAR!

Alice Loxton is a 27-year-old historian and the lead female presenter at History Hit TV, where she regularly co-presents documentaries with Dan Snow. She is also a well-loved face of the History Hit YouTube channel, and shares her passion for history with her 1 million + followers across social media.

Alice Loxton is the star of her generation … the next big thing in history' Dan Snow
Witty, well-written and full of wonderful detail, UPROAR! is a glorious read. A whistle-stop tour through the tumultuous eighteenth century, Loxton made me howl with laughter along the way. Her insights into the art, culture and downright gossip of the time makes this a unique bookDr Janina Ramirez, author of FEMINA
Alice Loxton heads the charge of an exciting new generation of historians – this is an exuberant, iconoclastic and, yes, uproarious debutJessie Childs, author of THE SIEGE OF LOYALTY HOUSE
Vivid, pacey and endlessly engaging, this brilliant debut brings the late Georgian period dazzlingly to life. Irresistible stuffTracy Borman, author of CROWN AND SCEPTRE
Alice lives and breathes history – it's almost uncanny. I think she may have come from the pastDr Sam Willis, author of THE STRUGGLE FOR SEA POWER
Loxton writes with a terrific sense of time and place. She delivers Georgian Britain in a bold modern manner, with plenty of bounceFranny Moyle, author of DESPERATE ROMANTICS
Alice Loxton is a whirlwind of historical energy and UPROAR! is a sensational debut, which marks her out as one of the brightest new stars of popular historyDan Jones, author of POWERS AND THRONES
A rollicking ride through late 18th century Britain in all its effervescent rudeness and hilarity. Hugely entertainingDr Linda Porter, author of MISTRESSES
Alice Loxton's analysis of Georgian England is razor sharp, witty and engaging. An appropriately "laugh out loud" history of the age of satireHelen Carr, author of THE RED PRINCE
As wittily subversive and deeply entertaining as the material it details, Alice Loxton's Uproar is a delightful romp through the colourful and controversial eighteenth century. Loxton has built a time-machine in a book, and invited us all along for a ride. I would suggest you hop in!Joanne Paul, author of THE HOUSE OF DUDLEY
Alice Loxton's UPROAR! is a delight: an energetic and highly enjoyable exploration of the careers and the turmoil of the social and political world of the leading caricaturists of the great age of satire, Thomas Rowlandson, James Gillray, and Isaac Cruikshank. So rich is her research and so vivid is her prose that we emerge from reading this book feeling that we have argued, laughed and drunk punch with these men and felt the fierce brilliance of their minds and their art – which shines bright still todayJeremy Musson
As vivid and vibrant as any Rowlandson print – bawdy, beautiful, and brilliantKate Lister, author of A CURIOUS HISTORY OF SEX
Loxton plunges us headfirst into the tumultuous world of London's eighteenth-century printmakers in this lively, riveting and pacy accountCharlotte Mullins, author of A LITTLE HISTORY OF ART
A gripping, energetic and easy to follow deep dive into the raucous satire revolution of late Georgian Britain. Alice has created a diamond of a debut bookTristan Hughes, author of ALEXANDER'S SUCCESSORS AT WAR
Bursting with energy and written with style and sophistication, Alice Loxton provides her readers with a dazzling and tantalising glimpse into the complex and colourful world of eighteenth-century Britain. Alice is a tour de force, and her magnificent debut showcases her star quality and her talent for storytelling.Nicola Tallis, author of ALL THE QUEEN'S JEWELS


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ISBN: 9781785789540

Price: 25.00 GBP

Pages: 240

Publication date: 02/03/2023


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