We Have a Deal (eBook)

How to Negotiate with Intelligence, Flexibility and Power

Natalie Reynolds

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How do you ask for a promotion, deliver tough news to clients, or secure investment for your new business?

The answer is negotiation. It is the most important skill you can develop to get what you want in business and life. No matter how much experience you’ve got, We Have a Deal can help you to improve your negotiation skill – developing an awareness of your habits and abilities, recognising what’s really going on in a deal, and building a flexible approach that is confident and appropriate to each situation.

Negotiation expert Natalie Reynolds moves beyond the old-fashioned rules of deal making to explore why people react the way they do in certain situations and how can we use that knowledge to get a good deal. Her five-step DEALS method has helped individuals and organisations to excel at all kinds of negotiation, from clinching a pay rise to resolving disputes, from developing partnerships to shaking hands on multi-million dollar deals.

We Have a Deal will help you to overcome obstacles, work with different personalities and in varied cultures, and develop an intelligent and flexible approach will empower you to get the best deal, every time.

Natalie Reynolds is the CEO of leading global negotiation firm advantageSPRING, where she and her team train large corporations, government departments and organisations such as the UN and the Clinton Foundation. She has published articles in the Guardian, Financial Times and Huffington Post, and is working with the Stylist and Psychologies on live events and an online course. She lives in Harpenden, Hertfordshire.

Smart, concise and pragmatic. We Have a Deal represents the accessible new school of negotiation expertise, enabling you to succeed in today's world.Bella Vuillermoz, Director, Sky
Whether a CEO or a stay-at-home parent, this book provides the insight and tools you need to be confident, overcome resistance and get the deal you need.Linda Babcock, co-author of Women Don't Ask
Reynolds' book is a valuable tool, taking a complex issue and plotting it in a confident and easy to follow structure.Emerald Street
Dynamic, engaging and chatty, with valuable techniques to work with.Ruth Sacks, CMI Management Book Awards Category Chair
Packed with sensible, uncomplicated explanations and advice.Ray Davis, CMI Management Book Awards Category Judge
Natalie's advice is always smart, concise and pragmatic. We Have a Deal represents the accessible new school of negotiation expertise, enabling you to succeed in today's world.Bella VuillermozDirector, Sky
We Have a Deal acts as a rallying cry to all women that they can and should speak up and ask for what they want.Linda BabcockCarnegie Mellon University, co-author of Women Don't Ask


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Publication date: 03/03/2016


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