What is Myrrh Anyway? (Paperback)

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Christmas

Jonathan Green

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This is a hugely enjoyable, festive excursion through the history, science, music, culture and traditions of everyone's favourite winter holiday.Why is Christmas celebrated on 25 December? Why is turkey the traditional festive meat? Why are stockings hung up on Christmas Eve? What is figgy pudding? Who were the three kings? And did Coca-Cola really invent Father Christmas as we're all told?Just like the perfect Christmas stocking, "What is Myrrh Anyway?" contains all manner of delightful surprises and delicious morsels of information. Jonathan Green uncovers the truth behind such familiar festive traditions as carol-singing and cards, and demystifies the origins of Christmas.If you've ever wondered how to cook the perfect roast turkey, what mince pies should really taste like, or why you are forced to endure the cross-dressing antics of a traditional pantomime every year, then simply open this Christmas cracker of a book and discover the answers to all those questions you've been too afraid – or embarrassed – to ask.

Jonathan Green has worked as a teacher for the last thirteen years, four of those as a deputy head teacher. In that time he has also written numerous popular books for children – everything from Sonic the Hedgehog to Doctor Who – and science fiction and fantasy novels for adults. He is also the author of Match Wits with the Kids.

As welcome as a warm glass of mulled wine on a wintry night, Green's guide to Christmas enhances the pleasures of the festive season, offering a witty cornucopia of Christmas facts and folklore.Good Book Guide
An explanation of all things cultural, historical, scientific and musical relating to Christmas.Angel Magazine
Freaky but fascinating festive triviaDaily Star
Highly informativeBookseller
A fascinating little paperbackTrinity Times


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ISBN: 9781848310278

Price: 6.99 GBP

Pages: 208

Publication date: 02/10/2008

Category: History & Current Affairs, Popular Culture

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