When One is Expecting (Hardback)

A Posh Person's Guide to Pregnancy and Parenting

From the creator of @pippatips

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From the creator of the smash hit Twitter feed, @pippatips Does ‘nesting’ mean I have to live in a tree? Is there any salad involved in a Caesarean section? Is caviar suitable for puréeing? Apart from deciding which hat to wear for Ascot, having a baby is the biggest challenge a person can face. With tips to take you from womb to silver spoon, When One is Expecting is the definitive guide to raising your little darling the aristocratic way.

From the brains behind @pippatips, the smash-hit twitter account with over 40,000 followers. The author has been featured in numerous publications, including the Huffington Post and the Evening Standard. While she doesn’t personally have a baby, she has seen lots.

‘It’s silly, it’s childish, it’s very funny.’Viv GroskopRed Magazine


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ISBN: 9781848316416

Price: 9.99 GBP 19.99 AUD 24.99 NZD 16.00 CAD

Pages: 272

Publication date: 06/06/2013


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