Wholly Irresponsible Experiments (Paperback)

Sean Connolly

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Do try these at home! “Wholly Irresponsible Experiments” brings back the fun of being twelve. Scores of experiments take in a dazzling array of explosions, geysers, rockets and some outright oddities. The sparkling text includes ingredients, methods, outcomes, scientific explanations – and warnings – for each experiment. Charming illustrations recall the age of inspired amateurs. Amaze your friends with: a fire started with ice; a smoke bomb worthy of Harry Potter; a 5-metre-high cola fountain, perfect for turning enemies into a sticky mess; and a dramatic rocket – from a very ordinary film canister.And if you need any excuses, the exploding sandwich bag is, after all, demonstrating a neat chemical reaction. That bit of King Edward potato launched from a tube and ricocheting around the kitchen – simple: Boyle’s Law! Irresponsible – maybe. Cracking fun – definitely!

Sean Connolly, father of three and author of more than 50 books aimed at children and adults, is ideally placed to explain the nuts and bolts of these fantastic experiments. And as someone more at home with water balloons than bank statements, he’s only an occasional visitor to the ‘real world’.

“‘Hours of fun… a marvellous way to excite children about the wonders of science’ Sunday Express ‘In the gee-whiz spirit of The Dangerous Book for Boys’ Financial Times”

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Publication date: 03/04/2008

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