Wholly Irresponsible Exploits (Paperback)

65 Ways to Muck About with Science

Sean Connolly

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‘Am I seeing things? Did that bottle just disappear into orbit?’ Well, let me start at the beginning – Sean Connolly, author of “Wholly Irresponsible Experiments”, returns with another assemblage of bizarre and outlandish activities – all in the name of science. Connolly’s witty, informative text takes readers on a journey of discovery, but the best thing is that the journey needn’t go very far from the kitchen cupboard, the odds-and-ends drawer or the garden shed. Along the way, budding experimenters will learn how to make a submarine, create their own ‘Red Sky at Night’, and manage a crystal harvest. And that bottle that just kissed the Earth goodbye? Why, it’s part of the magic of science, and “Wholly Irresponsible Exploits” lets readers in on the secrets of the rocket fuel. Wholly irresponsible? Well, you could say so. Wholly enthralling, exciting and entertaining? Undoubtedly! And (whisper it) maybe even that other ‘e’ word – educational.

Sean Connolly will be familiar to listeners of BBC Radio Five Live and Radio Wales. Among his more than 50 books aimed at children and adults are In Time of Need: Storms and Earthquakes and Witness to History: The Industrial Revolution. He’s also written for the Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia. His three children are either collaborators or guinea pigs, depending on the project.

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