X Marks the Box (Paperback)

How to Make Politics Work for You

Daniel Blythe

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Politics sets the agenda. Climate change, education, crime, housing – these are political issues, but for many, party politics is still a turn-off. Daniel Blythe negotiates the political maze from the citizen’s point of view. Why should we vote? What do politicians do and why does it make a difference? Are you a Diehard, a Bloody-Noser or a Tactical? What can your MP do for you? And just why do they avoid answering direct questions? Along the way, we examine the most fun general elections and the under-rated politicians; the sauciest scandals and the bizarre sexiest MP polls; the biggest political victories, the U-turns and betrayals; the issues on the street, the part played by your choice of newspaper and what manifestos really mean; how to make your vote count, how to protest, and why you should care about by-elections.Whether you are disenchanted or a ballot-box regular, an activist or a floating voter, this is a book to amuse, inform and entertain. Irreverent, topical, skeptical and packed with useful facts and trivia, “X Marks The Box” takes you on a journey through apathy to activism – and everything in between.

Daniel Blythe is a graduate of St John’s College, Oxford. He is the author of several other books including the novels The Cut and This is theDay – as well as the acclaimed Encyclopedia of Classic 80s Pop. As well as writing, he leads creative writing workshops for adults, young people and children.

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Publication date: 03/03/2010

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