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Icon Books – Advent Calendar

Posted on 2015/12/01 in New Books, News, tagged as Catherine Hewitt, How to Sound Cultured, Hubert van den Bergh, John Farndon, Messi, Messi vs Ronaldo, Mistress of Paris, Ronaldo, Thomas W. Hodgkinson, You Think You're Clever, beyond the call, brian clegg, luca caioli, marc allum, moons

Behind door #1, a copy of every book we’ve published in the last two months! Win this stack of eight books on our Twitter page! So Christmas is here. And what better way to celebrate than with a bookish advent calendar? So every day we’ll be giving a… Read more »

New Books published in November

Posted on 2014/11/06 in New Books, News, tagged as Antiques Almanac, Antiques Magpie, Ask John, Burglar Caught by A Skeleton, Camden School for Girls, Charm of Magpies, Do You Still Think You're Clever, Geoff Hurst's 50 Greatest Footballers, John Farndon, Sciku, Ternion Set, marc allum, mark forsyth

Just look at all these books we published this month! How do you poison someone without the police finding out? Which way is the earth spinning? Instead of politicians, why don’t we let the managers of IKEA run the country? And most importantly, Do Y… Read more »